Boys Don't Cry (in progress)

Kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fonds

With few job opportunities in Poland, many migrated to The United Kingdom. In their early twenties, the brothers of Natalia have moved to London not to integrate, but to work, to make more money than they could ever earn in Poland. Without speaking English, they work in construction or as security guards at Polish dance clubs. In their spare time they go to the gym. The boys have become the ultimate embodiment of the masculine stereotype - big, muscled and fearless - and despise London in all its diversity, cityscape and multiculturalism. They long for their home in the rural area of Mazury in Poland. Other brothers moved away as well to take employment in the shipyards in Gdansk. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ touches upon diverse subjects as the coming of age, gender relations and migration in a globalizing world. The project is two-fold: it intends to show the contrast between the homogenous character of the village and a heterogeneous cosmopolitan culture, the tensions brought about by exposure to multiculturalism, and the formation of cultural identity that contrary to expectations is not embracing difference but learns to despise it. In doing so, it ultimately attempts to destabilize the cliché of labor migrants and to question the effects of global migrations. 

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