'Freedom of Movement'

Municipal Art Acquisitions 2018, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Somfy Photography Award Exhibition

On view at Utrecht Central Station and prolonged until 25 February!


Nominated for the Somfy Photography Award 2018

Upcoming group exhibition in January 2018 at Utrecht CS together with Alexandra Hunts, Jaap Scheeren, Stephan Keppel, Daan Paans, Marleen Sleeuwits, Thomas Kuipers, Sanne van den Elzen, Marica Kolcheva, Sushilla Kouwen


Stipendium for Emerging Artists / Werkbijdrage Jonge Talent

Mondriaan Fonds


Received the Pro Invest grant!

Stroom Den Haag


Interview on The Calvert Journal

Explore the struggles of small-town Poland through the eyes of a twelve-year-old

27/01/2016, London